Thursday, September 23, 2004

It seems like every time i turn around, it's thursday

i've created my own kind of hell.
just kidding.

why do i keep starting posts before breakfast and finishing them after?
i don't know, but i bet there's a deep, psychological reason for it.
something about pancakes and procrastination...

and now i'm back.
two hours later.
and it didn't take me two hours to do the breakfast thing.
i spent the last hour arguing about me spending time with a (girl)friend.

and now.
i feel...
pissed off. running fast and far.

so i'll shake it off.
and write a good post anyway.
last night was "traffic school"
and that was fun.
i wrote a story, or started one.
it was really funny--trying to WRITE, like with a PEN!!
my poor little brain kept trying to type.
i should take a picture of the page, so you can see how shitty my penmanship is.
i had such a hard time forming letters.
it was kinda sad...
i think the most i've used a pen for in a really long time is a shopping list or writing out the occasional check.

i think i just fell asleep from writing that.
THAT'S how boring it was.
I'm some sort of walking Murphy's Law...
if i say it's going to be a good post, it sucks hard--with teeth and not enough lubrication.
if i say "i don't have anything to say" then i ramble on endlessly and pull something half-decent out of my ass.
i should just quit trying.
to categorize my posts before they're written.
i mean, a blanket label of "Complete and Utter Shit" would work okay,
but to get more specific is just not within my powers, apparently.

I hope i'm making sense...
actually, i don't really care.
i've been vascillating between inexplicable fatigue and equally unexpected bursts of horniness lately.
maybe i'm dying.

and i need to cut this short, because i'm heading over to help a friend move.
should be fun...
if our kids will stay out of the way.

have a good day.
oh, and leave me comments.
i need them.

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