Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i can't believe i almost forgot to write a post today

that's some serious brain damage, folks.

and now i'm in a huge hurry.


i'll do what any respectable author would do--
when the words run out, post porn.

oh, nevermind.
i can't find a picture i want to post...
that's more work than just wriitng something.
but, i haven't forgotten that i owe you guys from last friday's half-done post.
and with this post being a piece of useless dog poo, i'll have to make it even better.

just what i need.

maybe i'll tell my favorite joke and leave it at that...

have you ever smelled moth balls?
well how did you get his legs apart?

okay, fine.
maybe it was only funny when my sunday school teacher told it...
and demonstrated, by separating two tiny, imaginary moth's legs...


you guys all suck anyway.
not really.
but i like saying "suck".
it makes me feel all tingly.
--in the exact same way that reading The Pissed Kitty does.
and this in no WAY means that she sucks.
cuz she's the opposite of "suck".
she's like...the anti-suck.
now i just sound like i belong in the special olympics.
there was a spot on good morning america (or the today show??) about a baseball league for handicapped kids.
it was really cute, etc...
but my husband said, "that's retarded."
and we both laughed waaaay too hard.
we are evil and are going to the deepest layer of hell.
and the shitty news is that that's the layer WITHOUT porn.
i better start saying hail mary's or donate to the nearest synagogue...

like, right now--
so, bye.

happy humping.
(or hump day?)

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