Monday, September 13, 2004

mondays are for masochists

ooooh, perhaps a new feature?
Masochist Mondays!
I could write about all the things we do to cause ourselves pain.
i think it could be a real upper.

okay, i don't have much to say today,
but there are a couple of blogs that i love, which i fear not enough people are reading.
and by "not enough" I mean...i will not rest until the whole world has partaken of the genius of these men!!!!
or something.

okay, first there's Matt, a Canadian college student who writes of politics and love with such insight that sometimes I am convinced that he is much older than his face. So go read Sex, Cocaine and Family's like watching the sun rise over the atlantic.

and then there's Whitey, who is a self-proclaimed big-word-overuser, but he does it so well!! Always entertaining, and as pleasurable to read as, might as well be ribbed, okay?? (thought this site is by no means soley for "her pleasure") You're guaranteed to love it, or your money back!

so go--soak up their words and be glad i didn't feel like writing today.

i just realized that i may be using words as a way to hide from the real world.
though i'm not susre why i would do that...
cuz the "real world" i'm referring to is neither the MTV one nor my immediate family.
it's just the people outside my home i'm avoiding.
which is strange, because i'm a social addict (which is entirely differnt from a social drinker...)
it's more like, i'm addicted to social contact.
just a random thought that flickered through my head.
so of course i had to puke it out here, cuz that's my way.

happy day, suckers!!

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