Thursday, December 18, 2003

look at all the love!

i'm gone for one day and i am inundated with love.
big wet kisses and a courtesy mooning for everyone!

i was at The Lord of the Rings Return of the King.
what can i say?
beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking.

and my little tasmanian devils were even well behaved and "cute" according to my sister in law who was watching them.

just a quick stop before heading off to the company christmas dinner...
well, the genetics research company that my brother in law is the CEO of, and he has my husband doing their network support so that he can get a percentage of the company and we'll all be millionaires together. ha.
anyway, should be fun.
gotta find something to wear...
something nice.
don't feel like dressing up right now.
i feel like crawling into bed and filling another whole box of tissues with the mucus from my lungs.

i think someone should invent an anti-viral cough, Lysol and Hall's should work on it. you suck on the thing and it kills all the germs in your mouth so that when you cough, you're not spreading the shiz around.


it could work.
you bunch of nay sayers.

i feel all fuzzy from the dayquil that i finally freaking got around to buying.
i'm just so damn sick of being sick at this point.

and i keep getting horny, but i don't have the energy to carry out any of my intentions.
especially for the mr.
he's getting a little wild eyed and needy.
i keep shoving the porn and lotion at him, but that only works for just so long.
poor fella.

buh bye.......

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