Wednesday, December 10, 2003

anyone in the market to buy a child??

good lord.
twin b is about to get himself shipped off to reform school or an orphanage or something.
i feel so bad for him, cuz i know exactly how crappy he feels, but.
he's also being a 3 year old.
and that should be a felony.

at least twin a is being sweet. for now.

Okay, that's the end of the griping for today. hopefully. i'm making no promises.

so, Mark, the original McBlogger, tried to help me figure out some more of my stupid template issues last night, and we didn't really get anywhere. we did discover, much to his delight, that my husband has a server which could be hosting my site. this amused him to no end. so, maybe there will be a new url in my future...but i'm feeling just a tad bit on the lazy side for now. i mean, i like the simplicity of my url and the comfortably sluggish feel of not changing things (this feeling does not extended to my underwear, socks, or any of my clothes for that matter. why i feel the need to clarify that is uncertain.) so i'll probably leave it for a while.

i'm all burned out on change.
which is marginally better than being a burn out begging for change...

ah sweet bliss, they're sleeping.
both of my dear, sweet little monsters.
nothing beats that.
those little sillies. i love them about 83 times as much when they're sleeping.
is that bad?
okay, so i don't usually feel that way, just when i'm sick. or hungover.

i'm hungry.

wow, it's 3 o'clock. time flies when you're...uh, miserable??

know what's weird about alka seltzer plus cold/flu crap?
first it makes me really hot, then it makes me really cold and i can't warm up.
but at least i don't feel like shit...??
and cottonmouth.

oh well. it could be worse.
believe it or not, i'm walking on air i never thought i could feel this wa-a-ay
sailing along on a wing and a prayer
believe it or not it's just me

did i just burst into song?
and furthermore, was it the theme song from The Greatest American Hero?
that's almost as embarassing as quoting a line from Full House, in reference to Kimmi Gibler, last night on Boz's message board thingie.
anyway, what the hell was my point?
believe it or not--what? what was i going to say when i got side tracked by that song??? um. oh yeah!
believe it or not, i used to never ever complain about pretty much anything.
but why dwell on the past?

happy frickin hump day, everyone.

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