Tuesday, December 09, 2003


what do you think of the new digs?
kind of girly. but strong.
just like me.

i would like to offer a big ole thank you to Jess, who helped me work out the last of the bugs. well, now i'm trying to resolve the resolution issue, but it's not going smoothly...magine that...it'll all be fixed soon. promise. if it's not, i'll post boobie shots. well, no, actually I won't. but maybe i'll cry.

we're still a bunch of mucus monsters, so that's it for now. more soon.

Here i am with the aforementioned "more". it's not that soon, but really it's all relative, smart ass. so get off my back. unless you want my flu cooties, then by all means, jump on and let's go for a roll.

speaking of which...the idea i had for a sore throat remedy? totally didn't work. dammit.

so i was sitting on the couch with twin b, hacking a beautiful melody of dueling respiratory failure...when i heard one of the mousetraps snap shut.


make that a double EW. (heh, a double ewe...a 'w' oh god i'm laughing which makes me hack......that wasn't actually funny, but what the hell? oops. i'm still inside a parentheses...i feel all safe and cozy in here. wanna make out? no one will see us, we're inside the parentheses! come on, don't be shy, reach on under my shirt. there ya go. ooh, your tongue is pierced...nice...oh shit, here comes someone, hide!!)

so here's the question of the day: am i crazier sick or well?
and why in the bloody hell am i still a huge perv??
i can't even talk but i can make lewd comments.
what a fucking weird word that is.
it's too much like newt.
and gingrich is too much like grinch.
and grinch, well, that's like cinch.
which means easy,
which means slut,
which brings us full circle, to

yee haw.

see, oh readers of fat free milk, that is a word association game done right. biotches. (you tried, Kevynn, but no one was playing. well some people were. i don't know what i'm saying. i'm not responsible for my thoughts/words/actions/odors at this point. too much mucus.)

my dad used to watch hee haw. which i just realized is not the same thing as yee haw.


crying children. eek. later.

okay, i'm back. and why do i keep editing one post instead of making new ones?
good question.

their game of the day is this: lay quietly watching movie/dozing. see mommy, ask to be held. as soon as i get settled with one boy the other starts crying so pitifully, that he wants to be held. so, i say we'll take turns. he continues to cry until it his turns. at which point the other one starts crying. and so it goes.

they refuse to both be held at the same time. i mean, granted, they're bigger than i am, i mean, enough so it wouldn't really work well, but still. jeeezum crow.

not to keep going on about my silly illness...but i keep coughing and getting stuck halfway, so i can't breathe until i cough again. it makes me feel all claustrophic and panicky.

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