Wednesday, December 17, 2003

so what the fuck?

went out with the girls for a drink last night.
drank water.
still feel like ass, or the rough equivalent thereof in sickness terms.
we had a good time anyway.

friday is the one year anniversary of my very first post.
swit swoo.
i'll probably forget.
and i would advise you all to do the same.
nothing good could possibly come of it...

i've been grumpily dozing off and on all day.
grumpily because of the frequent interuptions.
damn kids.
what do they expect from me??

sometimes i am a grumpy old man.
today is one of those days.
also a crotchety old bitch.
grumply old man.
they should get together and have some wrinkly, slow and easy lovin, then maybe they'd cheer up.
now i'm all sorts of confused because i'm both of them...
so scrap that idea.
maybe i'll just go knit a scarf, or grumble about the president's morals (that watergate scandal sure did get him out of office though) or mumble to myself how great that new Charlie Chaplin movie was last night...
but no one will care.
no one here to listen.
i'm all alone.
with my cats.
and my corded telephone.
a vcr those idiot grandchildren of mine got for me.
and a bladder that just doesn't listen anymore.
god damn it.

i'll probably be one of those old folks who refuses to believe she's old...
i'll get all slutted out and go the bar.....
with my tits dragging on the floor.
chain smoking.
hitting on 50 year olds and calling them "sonny".

well, now that i have THAT to look forward to...

anyone want to play russian roulette?
how bout we make it interesting and load all the chambers but one?

i'm scrambling around trying to find a babysitter so i can go to the new Lord of the Rings tomorrow with my husband's office. the big thing around here (since there are a lot of technology businesses here) is for the office christmas party to include the rental of a theater to watch the latest star wars or lord of the rings movie. i'm all for it. then i don't have to wait in a long line OR pay.
which are two things i'd gladly give up for lent any day of the week.

anyone seen Quills?
i know it's a few years old, but i just saw it.
loved it.
although i wasn't too keen on the whole priest having sex with a corpse thing...good thing it was just his fantasy...??? eek. that sort of creeped me out. magine that.

speaking of icky sexual stuff...
i have a friend who knew a girl in college who would let her pussy cat lick her, um, pussy cat...if you get my drift, wink wink. um.
how does that NOT cross the line of bestiality??
i just realized i'm going to get some strange google hits off this whole post...

oh well.

i'm hungry again.
and tired still.
so i think i'll go eat and sleep.
maybe i'll even shower.
this 4pm showering habit i've gotten into is getting a bit ridiculous.
if you got something to say about it, then i have a message for you: piss up a rope.

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