Friday, December 19, 2003

is that a marble in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

that's what i thought.

we had a great evening yesterday.
i had forgotten how fun fine dining is.
it was a lovely time...

then we decided to swing by my husband's office with his brother to decide which metallica shows to go to.
hubby's trooper died in an intersection.
thank god for cell phones...
called brother who flipped a u-turn and came back so they could push it into a parking lot.
our mechanic will go get it today and fix it.
he owes us cuz we gave him a car...
that was shitty.
but not in the same stomache dropping, panic striken way it used to be...
back when i was single and broke and too independent to ask for so much as a ride to work.
god that was awful.
now, it's no big deal.
we'll fix it.
or buy a new one.
they say money can't make you happy but i beg to differ.
obviously it goes deeper than that, but it helps.

so we chose three dates and locations and bought $1000 of metallica tickets for the 4 of us.
yeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwww!!!!
i can't believe i'm finally going to see them!!
they're touring the western us and canada in march.
we're going to the Vegas show--HELL YEAH!!
and the Boise and Spokane shows.
they're not coming to Salt Lake.
so far.
I bet they'll add a last minute date like they did last time.
all i know is i'm excited.

it's so funny.
i don't look like a girl who would like Metallica.
people are always surprised.
fuck em.

ha! i just remembered i had a dream about Metallica last night!!
that i met them.
it was cool.

i can't believe this stupid flu has kept me out of the gym for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!
right before new year's eve, no less.
how am i supposed to make jaws drop if i'm all flabby???
oh well.
at least i've had no appetite so it'll probably even out.

is today friday?
aw shit.
in the time it took me to think that, and type it, i remembered that today is the one year anniversary of my blog, and as i was writing that, i remembered that it's Fantasy Friday.
i'm way behind.
i'll get on it....

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