Monday, December 08, 2003

the flu monster laid seige to our house...

I never get sick.

but here i am.

sick as a dog.

and just what in the hell does that mean?? some of these stupid expressions we use are so...uh, stupid.

fever, chills.

hacking cough.

sore throat.

i don't really mind it. it reminds me that i'm human after all.

kooky, fever induced dreams last night...

so last night, twin A said in the sweetest little voice, "are all the friggin cookies gone mom?"

i feel myself losing ground on this uphill battle on the slippery slope of White Trash Valley...

we watched yet another of the world's worst movies last night--it's becoming a dirty, dirty habit.

"Panic Room"

damn! i'm about to give up altogether....

time to go lay on the couch and feel miserable. woo hoo!

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