Thursday, December 11, 2003

4 days later...

haven't worn a bra in 4 days.
haven't left the house in 4 days.
haven't cooked dinner in 4 days.

being sick ain't so bad.

isn't it weird how whenever the worst of something passes, you all of a sudden forget how bad it was? sometimes, for fun, i try to remind myself of that while i'm in the throes of something really heinous, but it doesn't really do any good...I just end up mad at myself for bringing it up. "who cares if i'll feel better when it's over??? it's not over yet!!!".... i have a complex set of voices in my head...

i am proud to say i did shower every day, and brush my teeth, and do the dishes.
not bad for a zombie.

and i just realized i haven't been to the gym all week, either. i hate that. but, i had a hard enough time getting off the couch to answer the phone, so i don't think i would have made it very far into my workout. like, one sit up...or more like, i would have laid down to do my sit ups and fallen asleep on the mat. i miss it. how frigging pathetic is that?

my nose is going to fall off.
which actually wouldn't bother me much cuz then i could get a new one.
i used to hate my nose with a fiery passion.
it's been a long time since i gave a shit about that, but still.
if it falls off, i'd sort of be forced to get a new one...
or I could just be that freak--
"look! it's the lady with no nose!!"
no thanks.

my latest spam attack is from people selling "collectibles".
why the FUCK would i even be remotely interested in buying that shit?
enlarge my penis?
herbal viagra?
mail order bride from former soviet state?
never know...
they insult me.
i have enough shit already.
why would i want more?
that's right.
i wouldn't.
unless it's shit i want...
yeah, i'm fickle.

my lungs are still rattling like an old jallopy.
and all the food i eat tastes like cardboard.

my husband has this strange fascination with The Price is Right.
could just be the oddly maternal Barker's babes...
could be he has a thing for men with white hair...
most likely, though, he's just a dork.
so he was watching it this morning while getting ready for work.
and i can't watch that without thinking of happy gilmore.
that's a sad state of affairs.

free time's up. have a great thursday. and stay flu free.

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