Tuesday, December 02, 2003

jane says....

i've never been in love
don't know what it is
only knows if someone wants her
i want em if they want me

love that song.


what in the bloody hell do you think i have to write about since yesterday?
because how boring is my life?
that's right.
nothing and very.

saw a terrible movie last night.

i mean, awful. (almost as bad as that tv show, Cold Case--that is some shitty writing)

and it even had a zillion big names, which gave the false promise of non-suckiness.

View From the Top.

blaichlkvnjlsdk (that's me making a fake puking sound--see i'm a teenage boy)

that was probably the least funny movie i've ever seen, indluding dramas.

and tonight is the premiere of Paris Hilton goes green acres.

i'm ashamed to say i will be watching.

so...who has the holiday spirit?

raise your hands, come on, don't be shy...

yeah, that's what i thought.

me neither.

well fuckity fuck.

i'm so serious that i have nothing to say.

it's a beautiful, warmish sunny day.

i had a great workout.

my kids are being good.

and that's the story of my life.

the only things that change are the weather and my mood.

i could tell you about that time i made out with a girl.

or the time i gave a cop head to get out of a ticket.

or the time i tied a guy up and ruled his ass.

but sadly, none of those things have actually happened.

i need some drama in my life.

will one of you start a cyber affair with me so my husband will freak out and refuse to talk to me, sleep in the guest room and start talking to lawyers?

well...i could tell you about the time THAT happened.

minus the affair, cuz that was non existent. in the this world, at least.

but it was vividly real in hubby's mind. it sucked.

so maybe i better be careful what i wish for, eh? =)

i guess i could take some pictures.

maybe a little game of "name that obscure body part"...

okay, i'll go work on that....

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