Monday, December 15, 2003

ramble on...

now all my coughing has turned into a rather productive affair.
you know, I had never actually coughed something all the way UP before.
and i don't plan on doing it again.
way too much like puking...but with that pleasant hint of, je ne sais quois...oh yeah--SNOT.

so, who's hungry?

maybe i'll go take a shower.
have a nap.
write a story.
my heart is not in this today.

why not?
perhaps because i haven't had a good night's sleep in over a week and i've coughed a hole in my esophogus, as well as the one time i coughed so hard i swear i got a hernia...or at least pulled a groin girls even HAVE groins???

i just want to feel less stupidified.
is that a word?
well, yeah, i wrote it, so it must mean something.
why is it so taboo to make up one's own words??
i think it's fun.
and shows creative thinking.
and i think that if you can't figure out a damn homemade word, you're probably too stupid to be walking around unchaperoned.
well, maybe you're good at math, but for god's sake, put on a helmet!!

damn my life to hell.
why have i not showered yet?
is it because i'm a fucking idiot?
there's a good chance that's it.

i wonder what the difference is between being a fucking idiot and fucking an idiot....
i mean, the real difference. because if you're fucking an idiot, doesn't that sort of make you an idiot??
i don't know.
riddle me, baby!

sorry for the crappy-arse post...
i plan to bounce back like rubbermaid or tigger or pamela anderson's tits....
and when i do--hold on to your piercings, it's going to be a crazy ride!!!

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