Friday, December 12, 2003

Fantasy Friday

I decided to be the aniti-Lisa and post this early.
I'm shocked myself, but i figure, with the week i've had, if i don't do it now I won't get it up at all. (and if I don't get it up, how will you get it up? insert evil grin...)

oh yeah, and i've added a new section to the sidebar to archive all the Fantasy Friday posts.


we're sitting in the dark, watching a movie.
you ask if i'd like a blanket....
mention your roommates are all camping for the weekend...
the cheap wine has made my head light, my fear of rejection disappear.
we laugh at the bad jokes, then almost without warning, that three star comedy turns into a three X porn...
I touch the scar on your jaw,
you lean close with your whole body,
and take my breath away with a kiss to only be matched by my first.
and in this moment i forget that first kiss and the heartbreak that came later.
i forget my name, your name, and all the rules i've ever learned.
you smell like a man and laugh like a boy.
under that blanket...
in a dark, warm tangle of limbs and discarded clothing...
skin sliding over skin...
breathing, touching, kissing...

and i'm whole again.

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