Friday, December 05, 2003

this housewife is AT WORK today

what a bizarre little oxymoron that is...

but it's true.

i'm doing some data entry for my husband's company, where i was a programmer before i had the chitlins.

they pay me half what i used to earn, and it's drone work, but it's perfect for me.

nedra is the only one who would remember when i started doing this...she's my longest reader. but we'll get to that later. see, i'm coming right up on my one year blog-iversary, and i'm going to make it a really special day. (say "special" with a lisp, if you would please...) She was the first person EVER to leave me a comment, too. anyway, back on, this "job" (add derisive snort) is barely a job. i get to work when i want, as much or as little as i want, and it's brainless, stress-less, fun-less...well, that's getting a bit ridiculous. so you see.

and usually when i do small projects for them i do it all from home.

but today i couldn't connect to the network and my husband's computer was freaking out too, so i had to come in. super duper fun.

bizzaro: my brother in law who moved to portland-ish was in my husband's office when i got here, just working away on his laptop. huh?? turns out he was flying back to portland form atlanta last night and missed his connection in salt lake, so he crashed with another of their brothers last night. how convenient. (yes, yes, say it like the church lady, you know you want to)

thank you for taking my dork-a-licious quiz....a friend sent me a quiz, which was waaay more boring than mine (favorite colors, movies, etc???blah) and i thought, what the hell, i'll do one for all my dear sweet readers. but of course, as is my way, i did not think it out carefully ahead of time, i just sort of puked out questions as they came to me, so it morphed from a "how well do you know me?" theme to a subjective "what if" theme, but whatever. if it was streamlined and well planned it wouldn't be mine, ya know? i am a carpet bagger, a boot strapper, a yankee

i just got a secret thrill of oneness with you all who blog from work. that, "i should be working but i'm doing THIS"

god bless us, every one. (more like god help us!! god save us...)

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