Monday, December 15, 2003

just finished a stupid project

and now i am going to sleep.
got my ass chewed for not taking the 4 wheel drive vechicle to my brother's lives up a mountain and it was supposed to start snowing "any minute".
and it did.
precisely which minute, i didn't catch. (got my ass chewed for that too)
fuck meterologists.
fuck snow.
and my stupid car wouldn't go up the hill leading away from his driveway.
thank godliness i have cool brothers.
cuz i'm a dummy sometimes.
i know how to drive in the snow, and i don't mind it sooo much, but there's something about getting down that mountain that freaks me right the fuck if i get too much momentum going, i'll just turn into one of those cartoon snowballs that's 800 feet tall....hey, it's possible.

so i left my car there and hitched a ride with our other brother.
do you think i got my ass chewed for that?
hell yes.

so then i got home and had 7 hours of work left on this stupid project.
fucking procrastinator.
(got my ass chewed for that too...pretty damned chapped at the moment...)

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