Wednesday, October 01, 2003

typing with a bandaid

ain't so easy. in fact, i think i'll leave all typos in place just to see....

so, the husband was being oh-so-cute and loaded up and started the dishwasher last night. only, we were out of dishwasher detergent, so as i breezed through, coralling the kids into bed I said, "yeah, i forgot to get more soap, don't worry about starting it." and went on my merry way. i knew he was going to put in the Dawn. I just knew it, but i was too busy to stop and tell him not to--besides, i knew he knew it was a bad idea. So, a few minutes later, when i had the boys tucked in and was getting them a drink, i was met with a rabid dishwasher--foaming at the mouth. i couldn't believe he actually did it.

anyway. I found a fantastic new blog today. check it out. now. well, after you finish reading this...

it's raining! what a beautiful sound...smell....sight....aaaaaaaahhhh....bring on the thunder, the lightening!! come on! harder, harder, faster---oops. i mean. um. ahem. hitch my skirt back down, smooth my hair, tuck in my shirt...

who wants to hear the latest in the serial of "how stupid is Lisa?" ? too bad, i'm telling you anyway. so last night i had some friends over. one of them is named Gretchen. she had a necklace on with a "G" on it. I looked at it. And I thought to myself, "why would she have a G?. her name doesn't start with G...oh yeah!" and then i asked her if the G was for Gabe, her husband.

yeah. that's me.

i've decided to give in to the brain damage. fuck it. it's too hard to fight. i'll just start reading Danielle Steele and watching jerry springer. and ending sentences with prepositions. yeah. okay, maybe not. i think i'd have to punch myself in the eye if ever said, "Where's she at?" like all the fucking morons around here. WHY???? Why do people not notice how horrible that sounds?? "Where'd you get that at?" what the fuck? okay. i guess i'll never be able to fully give in to the stupidity fairy, but i'll try to stop acting so surprised when he surfaces.

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