Monday, October 06, 2003

perhaps it pays to be catholic

my sister converted, to marry her husband in "the church" and i've always thought she was silly to do so. I mean, who leaves the mormon church and joins the catholic church?? trust me, it's not common. anyway, i'm beginning to see her wisdom. she just won a 7 day caribean cruise in a raffle at her church. fuck an A. trust me once again when i say the mormons don't even HAVE raffles, let alone with prizes like that. sign me up. sneeze on my forehead, father, i'm in!!!

oh and i found yet another fantastic blog. why do i keep linking so many people who are far superior to myself? i believe i am hoping that any readers i've managed to aquire will ditch me for these greener pastures i'm offering. hey, i'm a born people pleaser, what can i say? i just want YOU to be happy.

I had to spend half my morning gathering up and delivering some DVD's to my husband so his brother could take them on his flight to Japan this afternoon. and yeah, it probably was about 50% of my morning, since i got up at 9 and noon is the end of morning...that means it only took me 1.5 hours. but you know what? saying "half my morning" is so much more dramatic so fuck off.

sorry. had to find some way to slip in a "fuck". can't have a post without it. time to cook dinner.

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