Thursday, October 30, 2003

moldy jack o lantern

Already. we carved one about ten days ago, and it got knocked of the table and broke into several we carved another one about 4 days ago. FOUR DAYS. And this morning, the eyes and mouth are all filled in with this fuzzy white mold. and the lid is stuck to the pumpkin with black and gray mold. weird. four days??? oh well. hopefully if i leave it on the front steps our hellion neighbor boy will smash it. or, hell, maybe i will because i love smashing pumpkins. or at least THE Smashing Pumpkins. heh. yes, i've been waiting all month to make that joke. and it was worth it.

Want to hear a funny story about Karl Malone? okay, it's not that funny and mostly it's about Kevynn Malone. In my haste to write for the THIRD time the post last night, i only wrote K. Malone instead of Karl (cuz those two keystrokes woulda killed me??) anyway, it reminded me of this....See, one day last winter/spring-ish I was reading Tony Pierce's site and he mentioned something about Karl Malone, and in the comments box there was a comment from Kevynn Malone. do you notcie the similarities??? soooo...curious george that I am, i had to check the link and see if this person was related to the Mailman (even though common sense told me it was unlikely). and i was, as you may well know, pleasantly surprised. i did not find some illegitmate child of a basketball player, raving about the injustices of being raised without the luxuries and influence of a superstar father. no, no, I found a spot of writing like a cashmere sweater.

Okay, enough ass kissing.

So, some kids movies are pretty funny these days, and some are still entirely for kids. my boys are hooked on one lately that's pretty much alllll for the kids--stuart little 2. it's cute. fine, whatever. of course, having it playing 3-5 times a day is rather brutal. there is ONE funny line, though. one line that makes me chuckle every time i hear it (that would be 58 times now...). As they fade into a scene of stuart in class, his teacher is saying, "And the reason that Canada is separate from America is that Canadians--like to be alone." and the way she says it is extra funny. oh god. someone help me.

It's a sad sad sad sad world.

One more pesky reminder that National Novel Writing Month commences on Saturday, November 1st. You will have 30 days to write 50,000 words. DO IT.

see, it's almost noon. time to get dressed and head to the gym. seriously, as much as i complain about boredom....i FUCKING LOVE MY LIFE. who else gets to sleep until 9 or 10, and never has to be anywhere at any certain time?? i have the easiest life on the planet. yes, sometimes i think i'll pull out all my hair from the sheer monotony of it. sure, sometimes i nearly go into convulsions from lack of adult conversation. and i'll definitely admit that sometimes i would rather eat glass than do one more load of laundry or scrub one more toilet. but, it's all worth it. well, that's how i feel today. of course, i usually change my opinion on a daily--if not hourly--basis so don't take me too seriously.

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