Saturday, October 04, 2003

and i did


i so rarely nap that it is rather exciting when it actually happens.

and that, my friends, is why i can--with full confidence--call my life boring.

with a capital b.

I had some kooky dreams last night, though. one of them included some random girls from high school that i was not very close to, but in my dream i cared about them. And then I dreamed something about a particular boy again. something obscure, vague. but visceral at the same time. always so realistic, three-dimensional, technicolor dolby surround sound......

driving home from salt lake city this morning (after step son's soccer game--they won!) I saw a group of 50 or so hawks circling over the same field. It was wild. hawks don't usual travel in flocks. it's hawk season, though...or something. they're everywhere lately. i guess because it's hay cutting time, so the fields are easy targets for mice, etc.?? anyway, our subdivision is right next to an alfalfa farm (smells great in the spring--fertilizer...) so i've been watching the hawks lately. but only one or two at a time. this was really beautiful--so many of them.

just started a new book today--The Tatooed Girl by Joyce Carol Oates. I'm enjoying it so far. something she said reminded me of how unscholarly i am. "Jet's language, which grated against Siegl's ear, was taken from pop-culture almost exclusively." gulp. dammit. that's me. and it just struck me rather forcefully that that is exactly why i feel like a kid sometimes when i talk to "real adults". i've grown lazy....okay, so maybe i've always been lazy, but i've grown more lazy.......oh well. i think i wouldn't sound real if i spoke much differently. I can clean it up when i need to, but sometimes i forget.

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