Monday, October 06, 2003

looks like someone has a case of "the mondays"...

"naw, man. you could get your ass kicked for saying something like that!"

I don't actually have a case of the mondays, but i've certainly been dragging ass lately.

more weird dreams.

trying to plan a good outline in my head for the new novel to be attacked starting november 1st....I have a good idea, but I'm actually trying to plan it out, find the conclusion before just plowing ahead into the i did last year. which is why i only have 200 pages completed of THAT novel--and the rest is just floating around in my head, on my harddrive--practically avoiding coming together. fuckity fuck. I wish i could find a critque group to join. perhaps some nanowrimo folks that i'll hopefully be meeting during this year's run....i just need to get off my ass and revamp the thing. breathe new life into it. or deal with the fact that it'll never be finished and move on. but i hate that idea. I should be accustomed to loose ends, unfished projects--such things are second-nature to me--but I'm not willing to let this one drop. I just need to make it a priority and set aside some quality time for editing, etc. anyway. i'm getting excited to start a new project as well. then maybe i can come back to this one with fresh eyes? errr....or something.

so tired. it's NOT a tum-ah.

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