Friday, October 10, 2003

i love the breakfast club

and breakfast. especially when it's honey bunches of oats with almonds--and raspberries.....mmmmm......

I just remembered that one of my old college roommates lives in Portland so I'm going to try to visit her. There were 3 of us who met freshman year, in the dorms--those two were roommates and i lived next door--and we ended up living together for 3 years: until B got married in the "temple", T went on a mission for the church, and I started sleeping with long-haired always comes back to that doesn't it? aaaaaaaahhhh, me and my bobby mcgee(s)....

so, i stayed up way too late last night, finishing up that work project, but the sweet hubby helped me work on it for a couple of hours, AND got the kids up to give me a little extra sleep this morning.

more later.

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