Saturday, October 25, 2003

L.A. Guns, baby

god. could i be a bigger chunk of white trash?? okay, well, maybe i like dirt head music, but i shore don't look like one. there were some "hot" mullet-sporting men with mustaches and wifebeaters. and when i say some i mean a good 70% of the audience. and when my brother in law said i was the 2nd hottest chic there (after his wife) he wasn't kidding. damn. but the music was good. and i talked to the lead singer of l.a. guns. he has the most beautiful eyes. more tomorrow. fuckin' A tired, man. he he. oh yeah, and the bullet boys didn't make it--they're using barry manilow's old tour bus and it broke down...but their drummer was there and we hung out with him. wicked.

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