Tuesday, October 21, 2003

well here we go again


double fuck.

it's back.

the same old fight of yesteryear.

i'll probably delete this post in the morning.

but i need to purge myself of the black tar in my soul at the moment.

why is it that life can seem so full and complete and on the fast track to happily ever after one day and be flushed down the toilet of life the next?

how can love be so fickle?

and is it all my mother's fault? did she spoil me? am i really as self-centered as he says? or are we just too different? what a cliche. but it could be true. or maybe we're too much alike.

i hate this.

I want my happy acceptance of the white picket fence life back again.

I had no idea what marriage was about before I was married. nor for a long time after. i know now. it's about compromise and not giving up when the going gets tough.




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