Tuesday, October 14, 2003

so far so good

I had forgotten how much i LOVE a good workout. I mean a really good workout. Like, when someone else is there, kicking your ass so hard that you're as sore as a virgin bride the next day. yeah, baby.

and the diet thang ain't so bad....the aforementioned mint oreos were mostly consumed by the neices and nephews while their mom worked out my nutrition plan (phew!) and the eclairs...well, i managed to inhale them all sunday night so i'd be free to start the sugar free life on monday. heh. what a stupid lil fucker i am. i am definitely a sugar-aholic. and i'm not trying to be flip, or sarcastic, or anything like that. I am being dead serious. i am so insanely addicted to sugar that it's not even funny.

there's a picture of my husband and i on our wedding day sitting on my desk and i just remembered how annoyed i was when i picked up my bouquet the morning of our wedding and it was exactly the opposite of what i wanted. damn florist. but god i love my dress. and my skinniness. and that handsome devil next to me. awww.

i have too many brothers in law (6). anyway. the one who borrowed some dvd's for his flight to japan last week discovered a goldmine--dvds for 80 cents. he bought $300 worth. some are for us.

fuckin' A.

all you suckers spending 20 bucks on your Matrix Reloaded---plllllllllll (that's me sticking out my tongue and spitting...)

that's right.

and much much more. I can't wait to see what he got for us. he's the coolest. he wins for favorite brother in law by at least a mile.

with flying colors.

by a long shot.


et al.

I am extremely excited for November 1st to arrive. I want to start writing my novel RIGHT NOW. but alas. it is not so. I've been perusing the Utah message boards, and it appears that 99% of the local participants are writing sci-fi or fantasy. One girl commented on it, saying she read in article in the Salt Lake Tribune recently which explored this phenomenon as well. I'm going to try to find that article, cuz i'm intrigued by pretty much anything that explores why the fuck jobs around here all do the same things in ANY area of life. i'm giving you 3 guess who I"M putting my money on for the blame. no, not the mormon church, come now. oh all right, you got me. dammit. and of course then there was the suggestion to meet at a bar for our kick off party and one girl said something about having pepsi. stupid bitch. get drunk already.

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