Friday, October 24, 2003

sometimes my banner ads crack me up

like today, for instance. one is for herbal remedies for motion sickness and the other is for learning english as a second language. um, okay. i mean, usually they reflect the content of my blog to some degree (like, i get lots for mormon related stuff or for maine tourism stuff) but where the hell did those come from???

oh well.

so i'm going to a little concert tonight. i'm rather embarassed to say who it is, though. Actually, i am completely unfamiliar with any of the bands''s L.A. Guns, The Bullet Boys and someone else i've never heard of, as well as 3 local bands. i'm sure it'll be a good time, but i'm feeling markedly too old for such things. old. i've even started putting fucking moisturizer around my eyes to combat wrinkles. next i'll probably find a gray hair or change the presets on my car radio to easy listening. perhaps i'm being dramatic. perhaps i'm just trying to spend the next 2 years gearing up for turning 30 by freaking myself out so that when it finally hits i'll be cool as a cucumber. but i digress. The point here, to be remembered well, is that i'm going to see some cock rockin bands tonight and drink some light beers and pretend i won't be hung over tomorrow.

oh yeah--Yankees suck. I know i should be rooting for the underdog, and i was when it was the REd Sox, but somehow, I have gotten sucked into the Yankee love. there are so many things about that sentence that could be dirty. but i'll just leave them alone.

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