Tuesday, October 28, 2003

we have fires too

okay, so they're on the back side of an uninhabited mountain. but still.

damn california.

they get all the attention.

that plume of smoke slicing through a bank of clouds at sunset over the mountains looked pretty badass, though. i found myself wishing I had my camera.

I have no life. None. I have nothing to write about because nothing ever happens. oh, i did the dishes today. it was so crazy, i mean, they were just taunting me, you know? so i had to fuck em up. And then I went to Walmart. let me just tell you--that was a wild ride. I mean, I was cruising that baking aisle llike a horny businessman on hooker row and i didn't stop until i had it all. And when I got to the soap aisle--i was kicking ass and taking names. Those damn detergents don't know when to keep their snotty little mouths shut.

that's my life.

aren't you jealous?


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