Wednesday, October 29, 2003

oh yeah

i cut my hair a few days ago. and i mean that literally--I cut it. not, i got a haircut, but i grabbed a pair of scissors and started hacking. i'm such a dumbass. it worked out fine this time--looks fantastic, actually--but i completely forgot that i meant to grow it out this time. I took off a good 3 or 4 inches, too. dumbass. i love my hair, though. well, when i don't hate it, at least. each little curl is endearing to me. i love my curlies. (not my "short n' curlies"--those suckers are kept at bay quite nicely by a bottle of nair...) anywho. WHY did i cut my hair??? it grows faster than grass, so it's not a big deal, i think i'm just annoyed that i made a plan and promptly forgot it. oh well. at least it looks good.

i can't wait for halloween. it's my favorite excuse for dressing like a slut and getting away with it. we're going to a party, so that should be fun.

had a great workout today, by the way. i have been getting so bored with running lately, but today i didn't. of course, it helped that i started watching some lame-o soap opera--that helps pass the time really great. some guy died and everyone was really sad. i love soaps. you know why? cuz they're so insanely dramatic and the plot twists they come up with are predictably unrealistic. people die and come back to life so often it's laffable. and as soon as the pining away couple is united everything falls apart--whether the girl is pregnant from a former lover, or the guy gets killed or has a fatal disease (which is inevitably cured by some bizarre kind of hair transplant surgery or something because no one on soaps ever dies of a disease--too boring) or they find out they're actually brother and sister.....anyway, it's ridiculous. I could write for one of those shows in my sleep. lame.

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