Friday, October 03, 2003

woke last night to the sound of thunder...

how far off, i sat and wondered
started humming a song from 1962
ain't it funny how the night moves?

okay, so i probably got the lyrics all wrong, but give me a break--i haven't heard that song in a while. it's just that with all these glorious thunder storms lately i had to write it. yesterday i took my boys out to the front porch to watch and listen. they loved it. of course! they're MY boys. they look like me, they act like me. no wonder i adore them!!!!! har.

it's the Elk hunt this weekend. woo. school's out early. heh heh. love living in a hick state. well, i must, i moved from one hick state to another. At least Maine is exponentially cooler than utah. fuckin utah.

just got back from the gym. there are two guys who have just started going. it's a father and son, i'm pretty sure. who wants to guess what i'm about to say? damn straight. they're both hot. i'm definitely getting old if a guy with gray hair could be attractive....but he is. you can tell he's always been really good looking and has always taken good care of himself and he's probably only in his 40's....and the son is probably 20-23, i would guess... shut up. something hot about the two of them together. i could very possibly be a huge sicko, but the jury's still out.

oh yeah--and i found a fabulous new blog!!! looks like she's yet another 28 year old....are we ALL 28 (except boz)???? kind of funny.

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