Sunday, October 26, 2003

more on l.a. guns

so once again i was too hung over to share the details properly even yesterday. but, i'll expand a bit on what i wrote friday night.

so first of all, it was a total dive of a place, with a little fenced off stage with a pole in the middle--for strippers, we figured. classy. and the stage for the bands was only raised about a foot. and there were probably only 200 in attendance. that's gotta be weird for bands who are used to playing larger venues. which is not to say that these bands have been filling arenas lately, but still. Also, the funny thing is I was not familiar with a single song. and of course, we were in the front row, but when you only have to fight 196 drunk rednecks....well, it wasn't too difficult. And there was a guy who was young and had the look of a modern rocker--and he looked familiar to me. (never figured out why). My brother in law started talking to him and it turned out he is the drummer for The Bullet Boys (who had not shown up). So we hung out with him for a bit. I all i wanted to do was ask him if he had been with the band on the 2002 tour so i could follow up with, "so you must know Jason Hook?" who was the guitarist for vince neal this summer and is freaking hot. god-d. i'm so pathetic. i'm just a bleach job and a belly shirt away from being the typical groupie of the 80's bands....

The music was fantastic. (aw fuck. just went to see what that noise was. it was max playing in the toilet. fuck.) i guess i should have written more the night i got home, because i can't remember anything now.

oh yeah! my brief encounter with the lead singer of l.a. guns--can you tell what a devout, long-time fan I am? don't even know the dude's name....all i know is he has gorgeous eyes and a not un-manly pixie-like face....anyway, they were signing autographs at a table, etc, and i had walked over to check out the action, but decided i didn't care enough to actually GET an autograph, when they started getting shuffled away by their road manager dude (hot) and this drunk guy came up to the lead singer (who i'll refer to as L.S.) and said, or rather slurred, "do you know so and so from K-blah blah (radio station call letters)?" A d.j. i imagine. and L.S., in his sexy british dialect, looked a bit annoyed, then surprised and said, "yeah" and absentmindedly signed the guy's outstretched band photo. "So do you know where he is?" asked the drunk guy with a sense of urgency, excitement...L.S. again looked a bit annoyed and answered, "No, haven't seen him in years..." I was just inches from L.S. and as I watched this sad little exchange, I couldn't help but comment. So, with a soft little smile and just enough sarcasm that he would get it but drunk dude would miss it, I said, "yeah, you should really keep track of everybody..." I lightly touched his shoulder as I said it, then walked past him and smiled back as he replied, with the same dose of sarcasm and a nice smile, "yeah, no shit."

am I a pathetic, indiscriminate groupie?

most definitely.

do i find myself praying that Pearl Jam will start playing such crappy venues before I lose my looks?

HELL yes.

I mean, how easy was that??? I only wish it was someone i idolized. or even was vaguely familiar with....oh well. it was still cool.

and the boys are at Ratt right now. I actually know a couple of their songs, and i think i would have enjoyed it immensely, but we couldn't get a babysitter. besides, i spent the entire day yesterday feeling like a piece of chewing gum that had lost all its flavor and i was not looking forward to repeating that monday....

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