Wednesday, October 08, 2003

oh. good. god.

what possessed me to take two 3 year olds on an extended trip to the grocery store? What? possibly the lack of sanity I have recently acquired. possibly the happiness i've been feeling a need to shed. possibly the brain tumor i must surely have. i've been home for two hours and the convulsions have just ceased. my vision has cleared. my heart is beating normally. and i think the kids should regain conciousness any minute...ha. i wish. acutally i just put them in bed for a "rest" which is different from a nap. a rest consists of: a small light staying on and a small harmless toy to be allowed in bed. in other words: mama time. a rest for ME. lil fuckers. gah-damn. they're never exactly angelic in the store, but this was the worst--exponentially. i seriously wanted to shoot myself in the ear just so i wouldn't have to hear them screaming. they knew they had me by the balls. err, or whatever. i actually remained perfectly calm and even managed to calm them down, several times......okay, i can't think abou tit. heh. nice typo. i'm leavin' it. tit. tit. that's kind of fun to type.

soooo, guess what was in my inbox this morning when i opened my email? A ticket confirmation from southwest. I'm going to Potland (another rather hilarious typo...) that would be Portland, Oregon. Next weekend. Sans les enfants. fuckin' A. and i really mean it this time. i mean, whoa. nothing better than a weekend without kids. except maybe a whole month!!! har. anyway. i am, to keep with the redneck/people who say fuckin' A theme here...stoked. I am stoked. And we're going to surprise my sister in law. She knows Mr. Bored is coming, she's picking him up at the airport cuz her husband (my husband's brother) will be working when we arrive. since the plan just changed to include me, he thought it would be fun to not tell her i'm coming too. cuz she's pretty lonely up there, and we're bestest friends so she'll be pretty damn excited to see me. and i'm more than excited. i thinnk i can smell the ocean already......

good workout today. translation: lots of hot men at the gym for my viewing pleasure. i'm such a guy.

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