Friday, October 31, 2003

cackle cackle

Being a witch for haloween is so easy. just show up.

So, anyway. this weather sucks. i was rather enjoying the 70 degree days earlier this week. snow sucks. It makes me want to stay inside, all snuggled up in blankets and slippers with hot chocolate--or a hot toddie. yum. It does not make me want to wrangle the kids into their clothes and into the car to go to the gym. where has my motivation gone???

In my blog explorations i have come to a realization lately. And that is: I am old. I have read some blogs of girls 18-22ish and I am aghast at how silly they sound....for lack of a better term, they remind me of valley girls, from back in the 80's, you know? I don't know. Maybe I sound just as childish and air headed. Or maybe I'm jealous of their youth and freedom....nah. I mean, I'm definitely jealous of freedom and i'm jealous of youth only as a means to erase signs of childbearing. Other than the physical changes, i wouldn't go back. No way. I've finally reached a point where I'm starting to, I don't know...get it. yeah. In the past couple of years i've grown to realize that 90% of the stuff i worried about--obsessed about--when i was a teenager was absolutely pointless. The world looks different to me now than it did back then. It's all mine. only I'm trapped behind the prison bars disguised as a white picket fence. wow, i actually had a lump in my throat when i wrote that. either i'm about to puke (a definite possibilty since i chased a breakfast burrito with halloween candy) or that was a really emotional thing for me to admit. that was cool--i've never had a real live lump in my throat. okay, now i'm sounding like those girlie girls.

well, have a trick-filled day everyone.

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