Sunday, October 12, 2003

the beginning of a new era?


I went to the gym with my sister in law last night. the one i've mentioned before, who is a fitness model and competes in fitness competitions.....

first of all: totally depressing. she's teeny and buff. no matter how good i feel, i look like a tub of lard next to her.


She is the nicest, sweetest person alive and she's coming over today to write me up a nutrition plan. cuz i'm ready to change some things. of course, it'll have to start next week, as the eclairs and mint oreos i bought yesterday will have to be consumed first. cuzzzzz, there's no way in HELL i'm letting the husband dispose of them himself. no way. i mean, that would be sick and wrong (not to be confused with thick and long...).

so anyway, i'm kind of excited. the plan involves eating a strict combination of proteins and carbs and "good fats" every 3 hours. that's going to be hard. i'm a pretty strict 3 times a day eater, but this should be fun. it's guaranteed to work, too. well....if you do it right. blah. and losing this last ten pounds will make all my muscles show up better.

so here's my pet peeve of the day. MOnsters Inc, which is a great kids movie, and i like it a lot. except. the little girl in it can't talk, but is potty trained and can draw well enough that the figures are recognizable. stupid. anyone with kids will tell you how unlikely that is. i mean it IS possible, i'll concede, but it's not likely. unless the kid's autistic, i guess.


i'm going to portland in 4 days.

and you're not.

unless you are.

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