Thursday, October 23, 2003

i love baseball

I always forget how much I love watching baseball until World Series time. I just don't have time to watch sports, and I don't have strong alliances to any particular team, so there's usually no point to make time. I liked the Jazz for about five minutes a few years back. those years when they went to the final game and choked every single time. how annoying. I used to love high shcool sports. I was also a cheerleader, but that's not why. I was a cheerleader because I looked good in the skirt. And because I love contrast (the whole sweet and innocent honor student in the slut role). anyway. god i spend more time on tangents than anything else, actually. but baseball kicks ass. i'm learning a lot. some of it i don't really care to know, but most of it is interesting.

"I can't say 'shit' to Reesa" said twin A today. great. well, at least he knows. i swear i haven't said that in front of them in a loooong time. i did however, say, "friggin garage door" yesterday only to hear it echoed from the backseat.....hey, frig is better than fuck, at least as far a 3 year old's vocabulary goes.

uh, anyway.

had a great brainstorm for the 2003 novel. it's going to be great!!! i can't wait to get working on it.

utah pet peeve of the day: there's a local bookstore chain that caters to mormon literature, and they run this ad on tv and the tag line is, "we know what you want." Oh really? you do? well. funny, last time i was browsing your shelves i didn't find any erotic novels. I didn't find any porn in your magazine section. I didn't even find any modern music whatsoever. I am here to testify that they do NOT know what I want. fuckers.

kay. back to the game.

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