Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Dr. Phil? Where are you?

oh, that reminds me. anyone watch The Man Show? love it. and, for the record, i was a huge Doug Stanhope fan before he got that show. He's been to Utah a couple of times and wrote some severely pants-peeing entries about the dip shits who live here. uh...nice tangent. They did a Dr. Phil sketch on The Man Show the other night that was pretty brutal. funny, of course, but DAMN. He was doing a book signing and he kept asking the women to have sex with him--real women who thought he was really dr. phil.

I don't think I conveyed the full weight of my joy yesterday at the impending return of our best friends. If I could physically DO a backflip--I'd be doing backflips. Perhaps I'll settle for jumping for joy--I can jump. Or being tickled pink--I hate being tickled though. It's my husband's favorite way to torture me "but how can you hat it if you're laughing??" He thinks he's funny. (and no, this was not what we were fighting about last night. I might enjoy over-dramaticizing things, but not to THAT degree!) So I'll have to start planning a huge "Welcome Home" party. And maybe they'll buy a house in Salt Lake instead of here, and maybe I can finally talk the hubby into selling our house and moving north as well....(SLC is much more normal, see. the area where i live is locally referred to as "Happy Valley" if that's any indication of what a fuck hole it is...a home's proximity to BYU campus is directly proportional to how annoying your neighbors are...)

talk about a tangent.

well. the kids are fighting over who gets to open the lid to the washing machine. god.

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