Monday, October 27, 2003

i smell sex and candy

well, candy at least.

i think we're going to eat the entire stash of for-trick-or-treaters candy before the big day. damn i hate being a glutonous pig.

I wish I had an eggnog recipe for IA, because then i'd have an eggnog recipe. My dad used to make it when i was a kid and I L-O-V-E loved it. I've never been able to reproduce the taste I remember, though....perhaps that is symbolic of the futility of reclaiming the happiness of childhood. gone are the nectar sweet moments of innocence and trust--and that absurd belief that my family was perfect--my life a fairy tale. so fuck you, IA. heh. actually, happy birthday to him.

I love Ms. Pac Man.

not the game--her. okay, so i meant the game. i suck at it though, just like every other video game. OOOH! that's what i wanted to comment on, on muscle68's site. i'm so brain dead sometimes. I was reading his post and it wasn't really that long, but by the time i finished i had forgotten what i meant to comment on. It was the line about something sucking harder than a girl on her fist audition for porn....i laughed out loud, but then i couldn't remember like 2 mintues later. i think i seriously have a brain tumor. i used to have a great memory, but now it would seem, i have a brain like a sieve. what happened to the steel trap???? hmm...perhaps it rusted out, and that's where all the holes are coming from....who knows? anyway, read his site. cuz he's a good read and not too hard on the eyes. (wink wink). (yes, that was my attempt at being a dirty old man)....sometimes i like to be a dirty old man, except i'm a girl, and not so very old.

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