Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Will take more later

Just a smile

Sunburn, baby burrrrrrn!

Ta da--braless and stuff

So I sent these all from my phone earlier, and I know they all got sent because my phone confirmed it,
only the top one showed up.
So I resent.
No big whoop.

What a grey and silly day it is.
I keep digging into the bucket of soil in my chest cavity and trying to find...
the answers.
The reasons.
The solution to the riddle of me.
But there are no answers, and reason is always lacking,
so the riddle remains a twisted lump of angst and elation,
with limbs crooked and pointing off in all directions.
I should just kill the poor mutant thing...
but it's in a coma, at least.
Do I even know what I want?
Fuck no.

How's that for some deep thoughts, eh?

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