Saturday, April 08, 2006


Oh, oh, what a day.
It is the day of compelling guest stars on 80s reruns.
It is a day of insanely high libidos.
It is...
a day of drinking alone, but not getting buzzed (dammit),
and a day of great hair...and Nair.
A day of motorcycles roaring by,
and sun shining.
yeah, spring came back today.
yesterday's snowstorm offered it up to us as an apology.
I took it, but my manners failed me and I still told winter to fuck off.

Adam Sandler was on a Cosby Show episode.
It was the coolest moment of the entire day.
And there were a LOT of cool moments today.
...some of them secret and quiet, some of them secret and loud...
some of them written across the sky in jet trails.

I drank a fairly pale-skinned garbage type drink tonight.
kahlua and milk.
For some reason, "coffee brandy and milk" makes me think of white trash.
I don't know why.
I think I picked it up from my first job.
I also acquired a love of tuna melts and gay cooks.
I loved that place.

now Roseanne's on.
could someone PLEASE come over here and find my remote??
...or something.
mr. husband is working late.
Or at least that's his story.

Hot springs.
I know I've talked about it before, but...
that place is as close to spiritual as it gets for me.
I feel like my heart is free there.

Oh, Roseanne!!!
"Call me old fashioned, but what's wrong with living in sin?"
her response to her daughter's teen wedding.
(this in no way serves as a condonment of that show.)

well, fuck.
I had other stuff to say, but the 90s have invaded my aural space and successfully destroyed any and all sense of poetry under my fingernails or behind my knees...

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