Thursday, April 20, 2006

I noticed today

that it has been way too long since I've written a real post.
right now, I have to pee.
and my mouth is dry.
And I'm hungry(sorta).
and my muscles are tired from working out and tired from having a cold.
So I should go and take care of some of those issues before I actually attempt to amuse or
entertain or
enlighten (ha!) or
illate you.
double ha.

Ok...I will.

I am back.
Well that was just a whole truck fulla fun.

Actually, I'm also realizing that my mirth is missing.
I am mirthless.
I have been de-mirthed.
It's ok, I think.
I would just like to apologize for not being very interesting.
But I'm not going to.
see, that was a joke!
I'm like, back or something.

I'm holding my breath...
I might start an actual JOB soon.
It's sort of nothing, but sort of big.
I say that a lot, don't I?
It's just that (my boys say that a lot...I should cut back. sorry, end of interuption.)
I forgot my
I lost my train of thought.
That's what happened to my head.
OK, so.
The job is fairly inconsequential on some levels,
and will hopefully be minimal hours (yes, I'm still lazy!),
it's a step.
My university's newspaper needs writers.
I am perfect for it.
But, you holds expectations, and that's never good.
So on Monday I'll have an interview, but I think it's a formality.
Maybe not.
There are probably people who actually need the job for the money,
and that's certainly a better motivator than "I want practice for bigger and better things."
I used to be the best employee on the PLANET.
but then I got talked into this whole housewife shctick and, I dunno...
it's kinda nice having no one to answer to, nowhere to be.
expectations make me queasy, when viewed from a distance.
It's ok.
it's a tiny little paper for a big university.
but it'll look good on a resume...and teach me some things.

busy week coming up.

people, places, things...
nouns rock.
ok, not really.
they mostly just exist.

I suddenly feel like Michael Scott from The Office.

maybe that's because it's the episode where he procrastinates his work...
and I can relate to that.
I don't suck like he does.
I suck in a much more pleasing manner.
this was supposed to be a fun post.
It isn't.

I'm really excited about the job prospect.

I think I'm just pouting.
Because mr. husband is cruising into hour 4 of god damned mother fucking World of Warcraft.
I don't begrudge him his leisure, I really don't.
It's just that...
he is so focused on it.
and I'm like a spoiled child...
all I want is for him to.
ok, fuck this.
I'm not doing this here.

I'm going to watch this rerun of one of my favorite 4400 episodes and go to sleep.

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