Sunday, April 30, 2006

Breakfast of champions!

I'm sure the champion of something eats pizza and Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast...
It's the voo-doo cure for a hangover.
I don't quite have a hangover, for some reason,
but I think it's important to nip those sorts of things in the bud.

As for the guffaw-heavy audio post, yes, we were having a fantastic time.
We had been helping my other best friend move--
3 women carried
2 beds,
4 bookcases,
1 large coffee table,
1 small kitchen table/chairs,
1 desk,
2 awkwardly shaped night stands,
and 1 large couch
down the stairs and into the U-Haul.
Everything was packed in verrrrry nicely, I might add.
We did that in under an hour, even.
So then we headed toward her new place, caravan style.
Becky and I called our other friend who was watching all 4 of our kids and discovered that we didn't have enough time to go to the new apartment before she had to leave for a previous engagement, so we changed our route.
The furniture was going north about 30 miles, and our kids were east and a little south, about 12 miles (ha! I just mapquested it; it's 11.59 miles. I kick ASS.)
So...when we made the audio post, we were about halfway to our destination and the furniture had already reached its!
Therefore, our silliness was circumstantial.
Oh, and the fact that the two of us act like a couple of drunken spazzes most of the time, anyway.
Even more amazing than the 3 of us removing all that furniture from the old condo is the fact that J. moved all but the beds and couch into the new place--a third floor walk up--by herself.
She's the man, man.

Today I feel like being manipulated by the beautiful music
at a beautiful moment
of a slightly cheeserific movie.
Not sure why, but that's my mood.

Roman murder party was awesome.
My costume came out so much better than I thought it was going to for a few minutes there...
I ended up wearing it upside down, in fact.

More later.
Time to bowl.
Then off to the river for a walk.

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