Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I don't see anything.
Ok, fine, I see the ad.
So I finally caved to the pressure of that website which claims that MY blog is worth $50,000.
I, of course, do not believe that figure--
or even know what the hell it means.
I sorta figured, what the fuck.
Why not?
I'll give it a month.
So, click, click, CLICK away, my dear ones!
Because every penny I earn from that (and I do believe it's important to count in pennies...) is going towards my tummy tuck.
And when I have that aspect of my pre-child-bearing body BACK--
oh yes, there will be pictures.
Lots of nude-type ones.

Anyway, whatever.
Go ahead and give me shit if you want.
It's an experiment I'm conducting and I'll not be swayed.
You could start bets on how little I'll actually earn, if you want.
Like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar...
you know, stuff like that.
I'm not telling which one of those is my guess.

I have a cold.
Which is a retarded name for an illness.
I think we should be calling fevers "a hot".
I woke up with a hot, and the pukes, so I won't be in to work today.
Although...that could really mean "I got drunk at the Chip N Dales show, and there's an oily man in my bed."

In related news...
If I don't go to the gym today--
kill me.
Thank you.

Things to do.
More later.

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