Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm lost in my own house.

I can't remember how to get to my office from the kitchen.
Is it a right, and then up the stairs?
Or is it a left and then down the stairs?
Ok, I'm lying.
But when I was in college, I lived in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom place with the allotted 5 other girls, and we used to joke that our place was so big "there are some rooms I don't even go to most days!"
...those rooms being the one bathroom not designated for that person's use and the bedroom of the weird girls.
No, not weird, like THAT.
This was BYU.
If they had been "that" kind of weird, we would have had to have them burned at the stake.
sorry, mormon joke.

I think I really need to start a file of "crazy shit my trainer says to me".
Or possibly it would be more fitting to call it "inappropriate shit my trainer says to me(which would probably turn me on if it wasn't so REAL.)"
yes, you heard me.
real does nothing for me.
As in, I would never/could never talk to a real live person the way that I may or may not flirt with on-line folks.
So anyway...
Today I showed up with my hair still drying, and as I sat on the bench and he took his place behind me, he grabbed a handful of it and muttered something like:
spank me, yank me, tie me up.
I am NOT exaggerating or joking or projecting here, I promise.
So I just blushed and said, "How well do you know me??"

I had to pick up my kids as soon as our session was over (from school),
so I went back a little later and did...
60 whole minutes of good cardio.
God DAMN that feels good.
I really do work out as a trade off for eating desserts...
It's working out ok, but still.
Seems kind of silly.

I have nothing more to say
but I did clean my bathrooms and that counts for something.
Off to the playground with the tornado children.

Edit : 11:33 pm MST

I can't believe I forgot this!!!
A few weeks ago, when we had a wonderful dinner with some fantastic friends--
I experienced for the first time--and LOVED--not only raw oysters, but CIGARS!
I had never smoked one before, and it really was a pleasant experience.
I loved it, in fact.
...and did I mention that I loved it??
It's going to be my new hobby.
Until I forget, or get distracted.
Yes, there will be pictures, you dirty dirty pervs.

That's all.

Good night.

no, wait, that's not all.
I had a great conversation with my best friend tonight.
and a lovely bottle of wine.
and dinner.
but not necessarily in that order.

if Hubby was here right now,
then I would say that all is right in the world.
pretty damn close, at least.

wow, that was freaky.
no sooner had I typed that sentence, than the little ones both stumbled squintingly into my room.

housewife out.

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