Sunday, April 02, 2006


Shut up, I am.
Seriously, the coolest thing
just happened.
I have been waiting for this day for my whole life. least 3 years.
It left me giddy, and bereft of manners.
It looks like a beautiful spring day today,
so I took the kids to the playground.
It is, however, more of a cold-ass sunny day,
but whatever.
The wind was out to greet us, as well, which was good because I don't believe in hair dryers and mine was in need of some drying.
(remind me to explain the hair dryer aversion at a later date; it is completely devoid of reason, so it should be entertaining)
When the boys got bored with the jungle gyms and swings,
we headed to the walking trail for a little more wearing out of the boys/"mama needs to burn some calories after that Royale with Cheese".
As we stood and threw rocks into the little river
(they all look little to me here, sorry),
a man passing by asked if my name is Lisa.
I turned and answered affirmatively,
then he said, "I like your blog."
My eyes popped, and my jaw dropped, to which he said, "Bored Housewife, right?"
Grinning like the village idiot's slightly-smarter cousin, I nodded or grunted or something,
and as he receded, I blinked and called out, "Thank you!"
And then I stood there grinning at the trees, realizing too late that I hadn't bothered to ask his name, or whether or not he has a blog.
So, dude, if you're reading this, leave me a comment, or at least just know that I generally have better social skills than that and that I'm sorry for not being more polite.
...and that you made my day.
I was so shocked to be recognized that I wasn't able to think.
I'm pretty sure the severity of the goofy grin jarred my skull, so that synapses and neurons were not making the sweet love that they need to in order for thoughts to form.
That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
Like glue.
Or velcro.
Or gum to the bottom of a shoe...
Seriously, I should work for Elmer's.
I'm the queen of dead horse beating.

Oh, and while I'm here:
wine and cheese party was a smash hit.
Saw some old friends, some newish friends, and met some totally new people.
(well, that's a little misleading: they're not NEW people, just new to me...)
I also talked to the hostess about joining a writing group I've been trying to put together, and she's in.
She writes some really cool poems, but also has great editorial skills.
So, we'll see where that goes.
Wine can make promises we forget to keep.
Everyone there had babies...
it was very "aw"-inspiring...
I just wanted to gobble them all up!!

I now must go bake the rolls I pretended to make made this morning,
for the family party we're leaving for shortly.
I forgot to buy birthday presents, but we can do that on the way...
I REALLY suck at birthdays.
(especially on my husband's...hee...)
It's my Mom's birthday on Wednesday, and have I done anything about that???
She is insiting that the trip to France covers me for all future gift-giving, but I don't agree.
It was my Dad's birthday the day we got to France, and I still haven't even figured out what to get him, let alone get it in the mail.
My big English paper is due on Tuesday, so maybe after that I will get my ass in gear.
Probably not, but at least it's possible.
Reminds me, hubby said something about deadlines yesterday, and I said, "yeah...I love deadlines. I couldn't procrastinate without them!"
I was rather proud of my attempt at humor, but he wasn't listening.

Happy Daylight Savings Time, kiddos--

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