Saturday, April 01, 2006

My head is still spinning...

but it was a great time.
Karaoke with the girls has never failed to satisfy my in all the ways that hangovers are worth.
We had a special guest with us, an emissary from the far flung lands of byu lesbians.
We brought huuuuge sunglasses, to aid in our throaty renditions of Elton John classic hits,
and were well-recieved.
There were cowboys with pierced tongues,
and little boys who turned out to be girls.
There was way
But, like I said, it was a great time.
...isn't it always?

I've spent the day recovering, courtesy of my husband.
He took care of the kids all morning while I slept it off,
and then we watched 90s action flicks while the step son led the little guys on hide-and-seek and fort making expeditions.
I discovered that sex does, indeed, cure headaches.
(possibly re-discovered, but who can remember??)
I am now, at 5pm, getting ready to shower so we can go to a wine and cheese party at a friend's house.
I was going to make my soon-to-be-famous Tiramisu for the event, but the hangover won out.
I did, however, clean my house and feed the kids once (hubby took care of the other meals.)

Oh, the story from yesterday:
I'm glad you all liked it; I will try to write more soon.
It wasn't an angel story, although that comment about the man would have surely led me in that direction as a reader, too.
It was truly an evolutionary thing:
I started with a loose goal to write a fantasy (of the friday variety),
and when I said he looked like an angel, I was still thinking in terms of realism.
but then, somewhere in the space of a few lines, I saw the girl with translucent, chiffon, blue-purple-silver wings folded into her back.
I knew I should change the "he looked like an angel" thingy, but I didn't.
Don't know why.

I tried to talk my husband into posting as a joke, but he coudln't be torn away from his &%#&^*&^%#@@(*&!^*+ Warcraft.
Oh well.
His loss.

Happy April fool's day, anyway!
I'll have to think up some good jokes for the party...

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