Saturday, April 15, 2006

Despite the all-night rain...

We had a very successful Easter Egg Hunt!
...although technically it was more of a "gathering" than a "hunting"...
I mean...a wide open field, with eggs scattered throughout.
A flat field.
A bush-less field.
A rock-less field.
A HIDING PLACE-less goddamn field.
We never found jesus, either.
Which is odd, considering the marked absence of hiding places.
Perhaps it means...
but no, I can't even say it.
I need to change the subject before I get struck by lightening...
The one and only "good" thing about having a child with a severe peanut allergy is this:
Mama scores the peanut butter cups and butterfinger eggs.
Oooooh, yeah.

Seriously, it was a good time.

Yesterday...I made 6 batches of strawberry freezer jam.
If you've never tasted this stuff, you should probably just kill yourself, because your life isn't worth living
I know it sound harsh, but that's just how good this stuff is.
And it's easy to make.
...and did I mention how yummy it is??
Yeah, I guess I did.

Time to focus on the Best of Talk Soup.
E Channel.
Turn it on.
Or me.


I forgot my big news!
Hubby got home from a 6 day trip Thursday night.
Friday morning he got word that Budweis*r requires his services.
They have 3 months of time purchased, but we're holding out hope that he isn't going to be the one doing all of it...
The first stint is 2 weeks, and the big news is that I'm flying to St. Louis for the weekend in the middle of those 2 weeks!
I'm excited.
I'm sure there are plenty of cool things to do there, but at the very least, there is BEER.
I love going to new places, and getting out of my routine.
So there.

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