Wednesday, April 26, 2006

...because it's nighttime, and I'm alone...

and this.
is the best time/place/way to blog.

I am supposed to go meet with my professor tomorrow to discuss my final paper,
which is due next week.
Can you say, "bleh"?
Altogether now, come on...
I probably ought to spend a little time mulling it over before I go, at least.
I'm just tired already.
This has been a busy week, and it's only getting busier.
I would rather just stay at home with my wee ones tomorrow.
...I've been looking through stacks of photos from when they were babies, over the last few days.
That is an incredible way to fall in love with some little boys who may or may not be going through a bit of a phase.
actually, that's not fair: just one of them is.
He just needs his mama to absolutely drench him in attention, that's all.
They are so self-sufficient sometimes, that I allow myself to be distracted.
But it's ok because I'm here.

The mister and I went to see "Lucky Number SLeven" on Tuesday night.
That was a fantastic movie!
See it.
Put it on your list.

Saturday we're going to a "how to host a murder" party, which should be silly fun,
but the best part is it's set in ancient Rome!
We get to dress up and we're cooking authentic food and everything.
Here's an excerpt from my character's description:
Mercedes is Flabbius Corpus (a poet)'s ravishing wife. Not since Paris fell for Helen of Troy has one woman made such an impact on one man. She is the driving force and inspiration behind the great poet's work. Friends call her a "daughter of Bacchus" (the god of revelry), for she loves the fast, wild life and throws lavish parties at every opportunity. She can often be seen tearing around in her four horse-powered chariot. Mercedes is a free-spirit with strong opinions and a flighty personality. She has also been gifted by all the muses.

Sounds like they chose the right character for me.

Oh, here's what I forgot to say this morning:
my husband's 2 week trip got rescheduled, so I'm not going to St. Louis this weekend.
I'm so glad.
And, that meant he was here for most of this week, and will be here for most of next week.
I'm sure you were all dying to know that.


Ok, I saved the post and did some stuff and now I'm back and
I have to say
the title of this post makes me smile.
because it's dark and quiet in my house.
and I just took a shower and drowned my limbs in lotion.
I feel clean and smooth and soft.
I suppose that makes me wish for a pair of larger, hairier hands than the ones I have.

I just watched last night's american idol.
that spread-on-some-toast Chris was singing a song.
that "if you really love a woman" song.
is it bryan adams?
anyway, I had a cute little moment where I realized how much my husband loves me.

and now I'm going to watch some more crappy tv and fall asleep happy.

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