Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I wish I had something to write

but I don't.
I'm actively not writing.
I'm unwriting.
I'm anti-writing.
full of shit.

I woke with a start this morning,
as the awareness hit me:
kids are having a friend over after school.
Oh yeah!
Good thing I remembered, eh?
I would have left him there and that would be the end of THAT playdate companion!
His mom saved my ass on Monday, though.
She took the boys home with her so that I could go to my interview.
I took her some flowers yesterday as a thank you,
and we lamented the fact that our husbands never indulge in this little treat.
I can hardly complain, at this point, but it really is a beautiful gesture.
Do I want a $50 bouquet of roses?
fuck no.
This is a case where it's the thought behind it that counts, not the extravagence.
Just a simple, wild flower bouquet would make my heart burst.
But it's ok, I'm not complaining, just observing.
That's what every nag says, isn't it?
I wasn't telling you to take out the trash, just noticing it hadn't been done in a few days and flies are starting to gather.

Ok, enough of that.
I have my first play to go see.
I am excited.
et cetera.

My car still makes my heart flutter.

I had something to say...
but I don't remember what it was.
I need to go shower, or I'll be picking up kids in my pjs.
Not cool, Lisa, not cool.

New exercise up, on What If?

Have a good day and give a good day.
or some good head...

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