Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday is Fleurs day.

I feel so alive right now!
Even if the world outside looks like it's dying...
stupid snow.
It got worse after my audiopost.
The University of Utah happens to be sprawled up the side of a mountain,
so the elevation increases air temperature,
and the snow is always thicker and the roads worse.
No big whoop, just a minor sneeze in the clarity of my day.

Class was good.
I counted how many boys there are that I would definitely fuck if given the chance.
There were only 3, which is both sad and inconsequential.
There are also a couple of girls I would make out with, but I'm not sure how many.
Probably only 2,, 3.
The one girl has the world's most perfect ass.
I'm not even kidding, that thing is round and luscious like a couple of scoops of icecream.
I'm TOTALLY straight.
Shut up.
So, moving right along...
I was a little late to meet with my trainer today,
so he asked if I wanted to just work out with him instead since he was due to start his own workout as soon as our appointment ended.
We spent 90 minutes on shoulders, as a result.
Another girl joined us, shortly, and was really one of the sweetest people I've met in a long time.
Kept giving me complimets--
I'm usually too niave to be suspicious of unwarranted compliments, but I'll wait to worry about that until her background check comes back.
Anyway, so we were cruising through sets of shrugs and other assorted exercises for the 3 main muscles of the shoulders,
and dude starts rubbing my neck muscles.
"wow," he says, "you're tense. Do I still make you nervous?....cuz I'm a black man? (he chuckles, and references my attire) aw, but you like black."
I just laughed and affirmed that I do like black.
It was extremely
But I think I did a good job of pretending it wasn't.

So then I came home and had lovely conversations via the modern and terribly high-tech contraption called the "telephone" with my mother, my best friend, and my secret lover.
Ok, scratch that last one.
(no, really, he's itchy. scratch him...)

Live. live.
I live to see Live live.
Park City, tickets on sale tomorrow.
I am...about 3 miles beyond Stoked (breezed right through, actually, didn't even stop to buy the postcard.)
I have wanted to see these guys live for so long,
and somehow I have always missed them.
A couple of times in their early years I was here when they played in Boston and in Maine when they played here,
and then there were the years where I forgot I even liked was gray and tan and smudgey then...
anyway, they're coming.
And I'm nearly cumming.

I'd like to give a shout out to my own
No, wait.
My own personal graphic artiste (I said it like that so you'd think he was gay, but he's not) who has selflessly signed on to manage some of the trickier aspects of my Braless Tuesday calendar's production.
He will have to slave over the photos for hours--
possibly shunning all food and rest (but probably not drink...I mean, the man brews his own beer, fer chrissake!) until the arduous task is completed.
I really owe this guy.
He's a saint.
eh, whichever.

did anyone else notice my hormones raging across this page?
I'm like a dog in heat.

In other news...
It's going to be a fun weekend.
J and I are going to try to go to the Diamond Fork hot springs on Saturday,
and Becky and I are going to hang out (with NO ONE'S wang out, for the record) on Sunday.
Let our kids play, maybe watch a movie or something.
Just relax and pray for spring.

I think I had more to say, but my estrogen has clogged my brain.


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