Monday, April 17, 2006

Better late than never, right?

Yup, that's my motto.
And then there are the times when I would say, "eh, fuck it. it's too late."
But this isn't one of those times.
I finally did my piece for the writing exercise on What if?,
which was due Friday.
Let's pretend I was out of town.
Or out of luck.
...out of Africa?
Or something.
You should all go check out the pieces that everyone did--
and join in for next time, if you're interested!

I had a really good (and much needed) talk with Sir husband last night.
Short and to the point, but very satisfying.
(Which only had the latter in common with the sex it led to. heh.)
The conversation was about my anxiety over this supposed writing career I always yammer about wanting, and haven't done SQUAT about for months.
He gave me some great advice and reminded me of how much he supports me.
I think I use him as an excuse not to, if he's here, I have decided that he needs my undivided attention, which means I can't write, but then I end up feeling neglected because he's busy doing other stuff anyway, and I'm just sitting around waiting for some attention.
This is SO not me, but winter and melancholy breed very ugly babies, so that's just what happens sometimes.
I'll roll with it.
I hereby make a pledge to take seriously the one non-lethal thing in my life about which I am passionate.
Ok, food and boys are not technically lethal, but I imagine it's obvious that they both have some pretty serious repurcussions when indulged in inappropriately.
Speaking of which, yesterday was Chocolate Day, in our house.
Yes, there was the eating, but also I had a boy with a cold who wanted to lay in bed and watch a movie with me.
Without thinking about the broader rammifications, just thinking it's one of the few movies of the boys' that I would enjoy watching, I suggested Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
About halfway through, the irony of it dawned on me and I Snickered.
...some people watch The Passion, or The Ten Commandments...
I was watching a movie that embodied the true theme of the day!!!!!
I am going to hell.

One week from tomorrow is my final exam for English,
and I have a paper due the day after I get back from St. Louis,
and then...
I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!!
Too bad our pool doesn't open until June first.
I can't complain too much, since we HAVE a pool.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love this house/neighborhood?
We even have tennis courts, if I could find someone to play with.
(and if I knew where my racket was...and if I could play well enough for it to be worth my time...and...and...)

Crazy fucking weather here.
Yesterday was really warm (in the 70s), but you couldn't tell because the wind was so strong.
Today it's snowing.

Ok, that's enough rambling.
There are showers to be taken and Yahtzees to be played!
Ok, really just one shower and one Yahtzee, but it felt better with plurals.
(doesn't everything?)

Happy Monday-with-a-sugar-hangover--

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