Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesdays are for...

pretending you don't wear a bra.
Hell, even I don't go braless on Tuesdays anymore.
Do you KNOW what that would do to the college boys??
It would scar them for life.
Poor little children.
So I shan't.

This reminds me--
(because my mind wanders far, fast)
that I need to try to stop getting so caught up in my fantasies.
It's as if I reach a point of wanting that finally boils over.
and now my train of thought is being hijacked by somebody on Jay Leno,
and the thighs of his dancers...
they look so soft.
He is beautiful.
Reminds me of a very lightly black version of a pretty hippie boy I had once.
Naw, I never really possessed him...I don't think he even possessed himself.

and now I'm sleepy.
had a nice long soak in the tub,
and now I want to sleep.
Even if I did go back to bed after scuttling the kidlets onto the bus...
still tired.
what a waste of a day.
Lots of sitting.
Little doing.
tomorrow I'm back in business.
an evening appointment.

this was a post of dust bunnies and empty shoe boxes stacked on shelves.
sorry for that.
the picture.
too sleepy....
will look for one.
oh yeah...I'm on my laptop.
pictures are on other puter.
maybe I'll take one with my phone and send it in.
have a great idea for one, actually.
I'm full of empty promises lately.
fucking hate that.

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