Friday, April 28, 2006

Jinxed, yet again!

This time I'm blaming you guys.
For accusing me of having a wonderful life.
That's right:
it's your collective fault that my father-in-law is due to arrive here any moment.
You see...
Cameron (the spousal unit) is not in town.
He's gone until Saturday.
But this afternoon I got a call from one of his brothers asking if I knew their father was coming to town and that Cameron had offered our guest room to him.
Um, nope.
So, anyway.
You have to understand that I've only met this man a couple of times,
and have never been able to get past the fact that he abandoned his 6 sons.
One of them only months old,
all of them left in the care of the psychotic woman he was leaving.
It's just kindn of weird.
I'm supposed to be all cheerful and gracious and stuff.
But all I can think of is how amazing all of his sons are and how little of that came from him.
He's a dumbass, they're all very bright.
He's tall, but then so is their mother's family.
That's it.
That's all I have for ya.
He didn't teach any of them anything except how not to treat your family.
A valuable lesson, to be sure.
Sadly, some of them didn't really learn that lesson.
So anyway back to the current situation...
I am finally sitting down after spending my ENTIRE evening making preparations for his arrival.
I had PLANNED on making our costumes for the damn Roman party.
But I guess I can do that on Saturday.
I'm really not bitching here, I am just sort of in awe of the situation.
It's a peculiar one.
Especially considering that my husband isn't even here!
His brother is living with us,
so I told him he's in charge of entertainment.

Today I searched for 18 year old Scotch and not 18 year old cigars.
I didn't find either, but there is hope.

I have 3 sets of plans for tomorrow, each of which conflicts somewhat with the other,
but I don't care.
I just wish I had a nanny.

I hate sitting around waiting for someone to arrive,
when I have other things I want to be doing.
Someone else's guest, even.
I'm terrible.
At first I wondered why my husband would insist his father stay here,
when the man was originally planning to get a hotel--
and when he's not even here.
Then it hit me.
He wants to make sure his father knows how successful he is.
The boys have all pretty much forgiven him, in their own way--
let it go, but not really let him in.
None of them really care about him, and they shouldn't.
so that's why I made sure everything was just right.
Not to be a good host, and make sure my guest was comfortable,
but to be a good wife and make sure my awesome husband's shitty father knows...
knows what?
Knows that we're good enough?
I dunno...I just feel like it's important.
And it's an awkward assortment of feelings.

Thanks for listening.
When I opened this page, I had planned on this coming out a little more...
ranty or funny or

But I'm hungry.
And nearly ready for bed.
something else, but what?
I'm helping a friend move tomorrow.
Cuz her friend went loony on her.
It's a wicked long story, but this time it's truly the Mormons' fault.
Or, rather, non-fuckers.

Can I tell you how much I love being able to switch my car into "manual" mode whenever I feel like it?
Fucking rocks.
I have missed driving stick.
It's a little weird without the clutch, but soooo fun.

Has anyone seen the show, "What about Brian?"
That show is...
really bad.
The "Brian" character is cool, but the rest of the story lines are atrocious.
One of them is a couple with 3 young children and the stay-at-home mom springs this, "let's have an open marriage" thing on her unsuspecting and mostly uninterested husband.
I have never been so appalled as when they portrayed it as something she DESERVED when she finally got to fuck the dude she'd been trying to hook up with, last night.
The way they wrote that made my skin crawl.
I mean, hey, I'm up for the IDEA of open marriage as much as the next guy
(and yes, I said 'guy' on purpose),
but to portray it like that was unsettling.
I don't know.
Maybe I was just jealous.
But I don't know.
It really seemed like she was cheating.
Maybe I missed the part where her husband was enthusiastically on-board with the idea,
but I got the impression that he didn't want to do it and she was pursuing it anyway.
I don't know.
(that makes 3 times for that phrase in this paragraph...what does that tell you?)

Is it Saturday morning yet?

He's here.
And I'm juuuust fine. :)

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